I’m Tom Dennis and I have a wealth of experience in the workplace insanity of a wide variety of companies. I've been working with and managing people for over 35 years, and have gained a lot of experiences and insights on life in the corporate workplace. I've been writing about those experiences and lessons since 2002 as part of my consulting practice’s monthly e-Newsletters, with well over 100 articles published to date. This Workplace Insanity blog is intended to build upon those existing e-Newsletters by generating new discussion topics as well as updating some of those existing articles, and by opening discussions to a far more interactive blogging venue.  I hope you enjoy the articles and join in spirited discussions whether in agreement or disagreement.  I promise to be responsive and open to differing points of view.

As to my background, I have extensive experience in the corporate world, including large, medium, and small employers as well as self employment as a consultant to a variety of companies. Most of this time has been with high-tech companies (including Silverlink Communications, En-Home, Russound, Aprisma Management Technologies, Cabletron Systems, GN Netcom/Unex, Dynatech Wireless Technologies, Northstar Technologies, Xylogics, and AT&T Bell Labs), but the situations, experiences, and lessons learned are generally applicable to any corporate environment. My positions have ranged from consultant, to startup co-founder, to individual contributor, to various levels of management up to Vice President and corporate officer of a number of public and private companies. I've spent time as a grunt in the cubicle farms as well as an executive in corporate offices, and in places in between. Educationally I have an MBA (from Wharton), an MSEE (from Brooklyn Poly), and a BSEE (from Lehigh University).

I’m currently the owner and President of an independent consulting practice, Effective Engineering Consulting Services. This practice concentrates on helping companies to improve the effectiveness of their organizations in a variety of ways, and my approach is widely applicable to most corporate organizations. Details can be found at my consulting practice website.